About The Quantum Atlas

Quantum physics governs everything that’s very small or very cold, and it has a reputation for being extraordinarily difficult to understand. We want to change that.

With The Quantum Atlas, we aim to provide an approachable guide to quantum physics for non-experts—anyone looking for an explanation of a quantum concept they read about in an article or heard about on the radio. To that end, we’ve created images, animations, short podcasts and written explanations of the most fundamental quantum concepts, and we’re planning to add more as The Atlas grows.

The Quantum Atlas is a place where anyone can learn about quantum physics. Check out the Get Started page to get started!

Our Team

  • Emily Edwards

    Emily Edwards is the Managing Director of the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center. She is a physicist-turned-science communicator and adores visualization software. She currently spends way too much time thinking about creative ways to explain quantum spin.

  • Curt Suplee

    Curt Suplee is a veteran science journalist and author of Physics in the 20th Century among other works.

  • Chris Cesare

    Chris Cesare is a quantum physicist and the Director of Communications and Outreach at the Joint Quantum Institute. He enjoys books, bourbon and brainstorming new ways to explain the fundamentals of physics.

  • Sean Kelley

    Sean Kelley is a science illustrator and animator. He enjoys sitting in the sun.

  • Anna Brinley

    Anna Brinley is a graduate student in the Master of Community Planning program at UMD. She delights in scruffy dogs, witty one-liners and ball pits full of fermions.

  • Eileen Chang

    Eileen Chang is a former MFA candidate in medical illustration. Having an undergraduate degree in biology and a personal interest in art and design, she is drawn to science visualization and science communication. When not creating animations about entanglement or laser cooling, she likes to paint and is currently teaching herself how to code.

  • Eileen Stauffer

    Eileen Stauffer is an undergraduate studying physics at UMD. Her Thursdays are spent playing DnD and sketching quantum comics.

  • Shivani Mattikalli

    Shivani Mattikalli is an undergraduate biology major at UMD. When she's not illustrating quantum physics cartoons, she works at a research lab on campus and tutors elementary school kids.

  • Jess Christian

    Jess Christian is an undergraduate studying physics and math at UMBC. She exists in a quantum superposition of cheerfulness and utter bewilderment.

  • Apoorv Mittal

    Apoorv Mittal is an undergraduate studying computer science at UMD. When he is not coding he likes to learn about economics.

  • Nina Beier

    Nina Beier is a Masters student in physics at LMU Munich. Her dream is to make science accessible for everyone.

  • Ariya Feng

    Ariya Feng is an undergraduate studying computer science at UMD. She likes to spend time with her dog and cat.

  • Jillian Kunze

    Jillian Kunze is an undergraduate studying astronomy and physics at UMD. She enjoys spectroscopy, cross-stitching and singing in chorus.

  • Alex Melvin

    Alex Melvin is an undergraduate studying computer science at UMD. When he is not coding, he pretends to be a quantum physicist.

  • Annu Abraham

    Annu Abraham is a graduate student in the Master of Software Engineering program at UMD. She enjoys baking, reading books and painting.