About The Quantum Atlas

Quantum physics governs everything that's very small or very cold, and it has a reputation for being extraordinarily difficult to understand. We want to change that.

With The Quantum Atlas, we aim to provide an approachable guide to quantum physics for non-experts—anyone looking for an explanation of a quantum concept they read about in an article or heard about on the radio. To that end, we've created images, animations, short podcasts and written explanations of the most fundamental quantum concepts, and we're planning to add more as The Atlas grows.

The Quantum Atlas is a place where anyone can learn about quantum physics. Check out the Get Started page to get started!

The Quantum Atlas is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Advancing Informal STEM Learning program (Award #1713387). It is also supported by the Joint Quantum Institute, a research partnership between the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology with the support and participation of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences, and the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center. Questions or comments? Please email us at quantumatlas@umd.edu

Our Team

  • Emily Edwards
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    Graphics lead, writer, editor

  • Curt Suplee
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    Writer, editor

  • Chris Cesare
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    Lead developer, writer, editor

  • Bailey Bedford (University of Maryland/Joint Quantum Institute), Writer, editor
  • John Donohue (University of Waterloo/Institute for Quantum Computing), Writer, editor
  • Dina Genkina (University of Maryland/Joint Quantum Institute), Writer, editor
  • Shivani Mattikalli (Penn State College of Medicine), Illustrator
Evaluators (Rockman et al Cooperative)
  • Julia Li, Evaluator
  • Megan Morrone, Evaluator
  • Camelia Sanford-Dolly, Lead evaluator
  • Annu Abraham, Developer
  • Nina Beier, Writer, editor
  • Anna Brinley, Podcast producer, social media coordinator
  • Eileen Chang, Illustrator, animator
  • Jess Christian, Illustrator, writer
  • Ariya Feng, Illustrator, animator
  • Sean Kelley, Illustrator, animator, developer, original site designer
  • Jillian Kunze, Illustrator, editor
  • Abigail Malate, Illustrator, animator
  • Alex Melvin, Developer
  • Apoorv Mittal, Developer
  • Eileen Stauffer, Illustrator