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The Quantum Atlas is organized like a glossary, but it offers more than just definitions. It features cartoons, animations, interactive elements and short podcasts---a multimedia approach that we hope will enrich your exploration of the quantum world.

If you're new to quantum physics, the best place to start is the Quantum vs. Classical entry, since it lays out some of the basic differences between quantum behavior and our everyday experience.

Following that, you should check out both the Superposition and Measurement entries. They grapple with several of the most counterintuitive aspects of the quantum world, including the wavy nature of quantum objects and why quantum measurement is fundamentally different than, say, using a thermometer.

Sprinkled throughout the Atlas, you'll see text decorated like this. If you hover over these extra tidbits, you'll see quick reminders, additional context or clarifications that keep the main text streamlined.

We value feedback, so if you find something confusing or have a suggestion, please share your thoughts using our contact form.