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The Quantum Atlas is organized like a glossary, but it offers more than just definitions. It features cartoons, animations, interactive elements and short podcasts—a multimedia approach that we hope will enrich your exploration of the quantum world.

If you just want to poke around, feel free to browse the list of all entries. But if you want a more guided tour of The Atlas, check out one of our modules based on your interest.

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Introduction to Quantum Physics

Curious about quantum? For the quantum physics essentials, we recommended taking a look at the following entries.

Quantum Computing

If you'd like to learn more about quantum computers—how they differ from ordinary computers and why physicists are studying them—we suggest taking a look at the following entries.

Quantum Applications

Quantum computing might grab the most headlines, but there are other technologies and tools enabled by quantum physics. We've created entries for some of the most influential, which you can check out below.

Quantum Light

Scientists have been studying the quantum behavior of light since the early days of quantum physics. From the humble photon to the counterintuitive feat of laser cooling, explore aspects of light in all their quantum glory in the entries below.